Historical Americana and Pop Culture collector Scott Mussell is reaching out in hopes of locating an example of this rare poster issued in New York City during the 1932 US Presidential election. The poster featuring striking graphics in the classic WPA style of the times. It features protestors each carrying a sign with a labor related issue on it including; "5 Day Week", "Shorter Hours", "Right To Organize", "Collective Bargaining", "Higher Wages", "Abolition Of Child Labor" and "Social Security". Additionally it advertises the "American Labor Party" candidates "Roosevelt & Lehman". Scott explains "There were some many labor unions in New York they formed there own political party which was allied with and basically represented the Democratic Party in the state." This poster was produced by the "Joint Board Dressmaker's Union Locals 10, 22, 60 and 89" and was used at rallies and can be seen in several press photos from the time. Mussell, who has been collecting since he was 8 years old, identifies it as "one of the most pleasing graphics on any political campaign poster" adding "as a collector who has a particular passion for items related to Franklin D. Roosevelt this is a real prize for me and I'm willing to pay top dollar." Mussell notes that collectors value condition but this poster is so rare he's seeking posters in any condition. "I've been collecting with my father Lee since I was a kid and this poster has always eluded us it would be an exciting addition. Mussell is offering $3500.00 cash for an example of the poster. Visit his website www/MussellAmericana.com or call him at 515.707.7250 anytime for further details.